The past week has been a whirlwind. Actually it’s been more than a week that has felt like a whirlwind. Moving on the same day as an IVF transfer was not a good idea. But that’s how it worked out. Not a lot to do about it since I wasn’t willing to postpone the cycle or transfer. Overall things are working out OK I just hope that all the physical activity and stress of packing and moving has not negatively affected the outcome of this cycle.

There is so much to say but it feels a bit overwhelming to try to tell you everything that has happened in the past week. My husband and I have been trying to get settled into our new place. We’ve been doing a lot of shopping for groceries and household stuff like a garbage can for our new kitchen and towels to match our new bathroom and organizing containers for all of our stuff (and believe me, we have a LOT of stuff). We haven’t really been able to unpack much of our stuff since the apartment was not really finished when we moved in. When we first spoke to the owner back in early January he said he would have the place finished by the end of February well it was the end of March when we moved in and it’s still not really finished. It’s a bit of a shame since they had to rush to do some things at the last minute that I think would be nicer if they had more time but I don’t want to sound negative. This new place is very nice. The bathroom is at least twice as big as any bathroom I’ve had in NY. The kitchen is very nice with all new appliances including a dish washer and holy of holies… I have a clothes washer and dryer in the unit. This is such a luxury that those of you who haven’t spent 16 years dreading laundry and then lugging a month’s worth a a time to the laundromat just can not understand. Our car is not quite ready yet either, it was supposed to be in over a week ago and we’ve been driving a loaner since we signed the papers on the 21st. The loaner is a nicer model than the one we bought so it has been nice, to have the big navigation screen and sunroof temporarily. It just doesn’t feel real yet since it’s not really ours and we feel guilty since we’ve put about 700 miles on this loaner over the past 2 weeks.

We’ve been waiting all week for them to come paint our walls so we haven’t been putting anything away except for in the kitchen. I’m ready to start unpacking. It doesn’t really feel like our apartment yet, more like a big hotel room. I’ve been off from work for just over 2 weeks and I have to go back Monday. Being off has been so nice. I’ll be working remotely for the same company temporarily until I figure out the next step of my plan.

OK now on to the stuff you actually care about… post transfer I spent the night in my mom’s hotel room. The following day, Sunday, I had an acupuncture appt. with a new person since the one I had been seeing was out of town. She was very nice and said that my pulses seemed very even, which I guess is a good sign especially given the stress of the move. After that appointment I took a train out to NJ and my husband drove from Philly to come pick me up and bring me to our new home.

Wednesday morning I got a call from my nurse at Cornell to tell me that out of the 4 embryos they were still watching, 2 were frozen as blasts! When I got the news I pumped my arms up in a universal victory dance. It was great news. In my 4 previous fresh IVF cycles, I’ve only had embryos to freeze during one cycle – the cycle where I got pregnant with the twins. So I’m taking this as a good omen for Lucky #7 and worst case scenario, as a back-up plan. For a cycle when I was only expecting to get 4 eggs from the retrieval, getting 6 eggs, 5 fertilizing, 1 being transferred and 2 frozen as blasts is amazing!

As for this cycle, I’ve given up trying to symptom spot. I’ll feel something and think it has to be my baby getting comfy in there and then a little while later I’m sure it was just gas or other intestinal movement. When you’re paying attention to every little twinge you notice a lot of stuff. But I’ve convinced myself I was pregnant before when it was not the case. So I’m trying to be positive and trust that it will workout and not obsess over every little thing. I’ve been doing lots of bending over putting things into and taking things out of boxes in this past week so I’m really hoping that didn’t cause any issues and maybe it helped with blood flow to the area instead. I bought some HPTs yesterday but haven’t used one yet. I usually test early but I think it’s still too early and don’t want to be disappointed by a negative test.

This morning was my first luteal blood draw. Cornell does 2 blood draws for Estrodial and Progesterone before the HCG Beta. This is the first time I’m doing any cycle related blood work outside of the Cornell clinic and I figured I’d just go to a LabCorp office for the tests. I didn’t have an appointment and the one near my new apartment has limited Saturday hours so I got there at 7am when they opened. After a while I was told that since the prescription the clinic gave me requested STAT results they would not be able to draw my blood because they do not do STAT Estrodial tests. So I had to call my clinic’s answering service and request to have someone call me back so I could get a new prescription that did not say STAT so that I could get my blood drawn. After an hour I still had not heard back from the clinic so I started calling the Philly area clinic and asked if they could do my blood draws there. I actually spoke to a person, who connected me to a DR. who looked into it and said yes, I could come there for the testing! This was brilliant. In NYC there is no way I’d get a person on the phone at the clinic at 8:30am on a Saturday. Not only did I get a person, but I spoke directly to a Dr. So I left LabCorp and drove there. It was an easy 15 minutes or so drive and they even have a parking structure right next door. BTW – what did we do before we had GPS and specifically GPS based directions on our phones. I haven’t had a car in 16 years and I’m not familiar with Philly’s geography at all so I’ve been relying on mine this week and really it’s amazing. OK back to blood work… So I get to the clinic and there is a not the nicest person at the desk who tells me I don’t have an appointment. I kill her with kindness and say that I know, that I spoke to someone on the phone and that I was just there for blood work. The other front desk person comes back and is able to work it all out. I quickly get my blood drawn and am done. I make appointments for Monday’s luteal blood work and Wednesday’s beta. I had to pay for this draw up front out of pocket but at $125 it’s not the worst bill I’ve paid. And I plan to submit it to my insurance company for reimbursement, so I’m not too worried about it. And I guess that’s where we are… 7 days past 3 day transfer in cycle #7. What do you guys think, should I start peeing on a stick or is it too soon?
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